Etara is an Italian artist and illustrator. Although she has achieved a Manga Techniques graduation, she focused on the study of acrylic colors and specialized in the representation of surreal female figures.

Her goal in creating her illustrations is to convey to the viewer a harmony feeling, with particular attention to the bond created between natural and supernatural elements. The central themes of her works often concern the animal symbolism, natural and surreal elements united together with the purpose of creating a window in an alternative and dreamlike world. Her art is influenced by the Far East folklore with particular attention to conveying the feelings aroused by this world and its fantastic inhabitants. Features that distinguishes her paintings are the presence of soft and dark colors and feeling of melancholy expressed by her portraits.



A is for Apple / Group Show / Inverarity Gallery – United Kingdom

A Dream Within a Dream / Group Show / Penumbra Gallery – Portugal


Power in Numbers 5 / Group Show / Gallery Nucleus – United States

2020 Spotlight Showcase / Group Show / Arch Enemy Arts – United States


Spellbound / Group Show / Inverarity Gallery – United Kingdom


Symbolic /Online Group Show / Inverarity Gallery – United Kingdom

Cornucopia / Online Group Show / WOW X WOW Online Gallery



ImagineFX – issue 186 May 2020




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